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A b o u t 

Ana Buvinic is a Makeup Artist and Visual Designer borned in Viña del Mar, Chile. Between the years 2007 and 2013 Ana studied Visual Design in Santiago and specialized her studies in production and stage design. Later on she worked as a scenic stage assistant at the Opera and Ballet at the Municipal Theater in Santiago, Chile- “Teatro Municipal de Santiago Chile” and during that time she found her love for color, textures and crafts. After a few years, Ana decided to move to Berlin and expand her knowledge learning another way of art and expression: Makeup Artistry. Ana has been working since the year 2018 as a professional Makeup Artist and self-taught Hair stylist in Europe and Chile, pursuing mainly the areas of beauty, fashion and commercial productions.  


Ana is an enthusiastic and charismatic artist, eager about developing projects from the beginning, actively working in the creation of moodboards and conceptualization and she is always looking forward to joining new projects with people passionate for their own creative work & minds but seeking always for the natural beauty and focusing on creating projects with an emotional and natural refreshing point of view.


Today Ana is a Freelance Makeup Artist based in Berlin represented by Collective Interest in Europe. 

In this site you can find Ana´s latest works as a Hair & Makeup Artist. 

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